With SmartICVI, veterinarians are now able to use smartphones, tablets, laptops, or PCs to generate health certificates (CVIs) to meet requirements for interstate livestock movement.

Robust Features to Streamline Process

  • Import animal data from spreadsheets or .CSV files
  • "Memorize"  functionality auto-fills shipper, receiver, transporter, and veterinarian information
  • Software-as-a Service, cloud based, no software download
  • Mobile app for your smartphone and tablet that works without an Internet connection

Intuitive Workflow Simplifies CVI Creation

  • Non-veterinarian users can create CVIs and submit them to the veterinarian for review
  • Veterinarians finalize the CVI - Focus on the health of animals inspected, not data entry
  • Completed CVIs electronically submitted to State Animal Health offices, clinic and other stakeholders
  • Standardized and compliant for CVI data content and electronic data exchange according to USAHA published standards